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Stockholm Fashion

About This Project

All of our Motorised blinds are manufactured right here in the UK to your
specific requirements, tailored to fit your windows & doors. Having a motorised
cassette with your blind doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the great
accessories available to finish your new blinds…

Our Motorised range of blinds can be used just about anywhere in the home and
office, available in a superb choice of fabrics and colours – you won't be

At Eagle Interiors, motorised options include: a battery operated version complete
with control wand which is easy to use with a simple 'up and down' function.
Our rechargeable lithium battery motor comes with a slender remote control which
operates up to 5 blinds and our mains* power motor is ideal for large, modern
windows and commercial installations.

*Remote controls up to 15 blinds separately or simultaneously.
 Can be further customised with a range of accessories
 Great range of colours to choose from
 Battery, rechargeable or main options
 Superior Motorised performance blinds

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